Through the Surfing Competition, MHA Turns Mandalika Lombok into the Qibla of World Tourism

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guest article

Selong Belanak beach

CENTRAL LOMBOK | Mandalika Hotel Association (MHA) held a National Level Open Surfing Competition and Surf Photo Contest 2020 on 16-19 December 2020, at Seger Beach, Kuta Mandalika, Kuta Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara ( NTB).

More than 250 participants have participated in the event initiated by MHA. Most of the participants of the MHA Open 2020 Surfing Competition came from Lombok Island, Sumbawa Island and Bali Province. “Participants who registered were more than 250 people, most of them from Lombok Island and Bali Province,” said the Chairman of the MHA, Samsul Bahri after holding the MHA Open 2020 Surfing Competitive Press Conference in the BallRoom of the Lombok Tourism Polytechnic Rectorate in Praya, Central Lombok, Saturday, 12/12/2020).

The Manager of JM Hotel Kuta Lombok emphasized that the implementation of the MHA Open 2020 Surfing Competition implements the Covid-19 Health Protocol to prevent and break the chain of transmission of the Corona Virus. “The committee and participants are required to carry out and comply with the Covid-19 Health Protocol. Participants must attach and bring a certificate of being free from Covid-19, ”said Samsul.

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Samsul revealed, the MHA Open 2020 Surfing Competition was carried out to increase tourist visits which had worsened due to the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic which is still ongoing. “The tourism sector is almost completely paralyzed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hotel and restaurant industry leaders who are members of the MHA feel a huge moral burden, when we are forced to lay off our employees one by one in order to survive. And of course we can’t just wait for a star to fall from the sky. We have to revive our fields on which hundreds of thousands of families depend on Lombok Island in particular and NTB in general through the MHA Open 2020 Surfing Competition, “he said.

Seger beach surf point

Samsul explained the reason the MHA chose the Surfing Competition to increase tourist visits amid the Covid-19 Pandemic. “Why a surfing contest? Mandalika was long before known as one of the best surf towns, along our southern coast from the Selong Belanak region to Ekas, East Lombok, which has the attraction of waves that challenge world surfers. This is one big reason why Lombok is the destination of choice. Not only about the 2021 MotoGP performance at the Mandalika Circuit, we also have a million attractions including surfing and we are holding this event to strengthen Mandalika Lombok’s position as one of the new Qibla for world tourism, “he explained.

“Through the Surfing Competition, we hope that the community kitchens will be steaming again, the transportation and accommodation business will return at the end of 2020 as one of the most beautiful gifts on the 62nd anniversary of NTB 2020. So it is clear, in 2021 we are ready to take off, especially in the tourism sector, “continued Samsul

On behalf of the MHA, Samsul expressed his gratitude to the NTB Provincial Government, Central Lombok Regency Government for the support given to MHA to carry out the Surfing Competition. “Thank you to the committee members who have given their energy and materials to prepare for the success of this event later. Rest assured the effort will never betray the results. Stay excited and believe we will succeed for our children, our employees, our society. We project at least Rp. 5 billion value of economic turnover will enter Mandalika and its surroundings through this event. Thank you to all parties, Central Lombok Regency Government, NTB Provincial Government, Ministry of Tourism, ITDC, all sponsors and volunteers who have helped. I am sure that the almighty God will reward him well. The success of our tourism, the progress of our region, “he said.

In the same area, the Governor of NTB through the Head of the NTB Provincial Tourism Office, H. Lalu Faozal, expressed his highest appreciation to the MHA for initiating the Surfing Competition to increase tourist visits and arousing the lust for tourism due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. “We collaborated on this event with the 62nd NTB Anniversary Celebration. This event is also fully supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, this event can encourage tourism amid the Covid-19 Pandemic and this event is extraordinary,” he said.

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