Reaching New Heights: World Paragliding Athletes Descend on Sky Lancing Paragliding, Lombok

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guest article

Paragliding Lombok

Get ready for an exhilarating paragliding spectacle as Mekar Sari Village in West Praya, Central Lombok, proudly welcomes the prestigious Paragliding Accuracy World Cup (PGAWC) event. From July 27-30, the breathtaking Sky Lancing Paragliding will serve as the host venue, setting the stage for an adrenaline-fueled competition.

With approximately 80 paragliding athletes hailing from different countries, the event promises an electric atmosphere charged with excitement and fierce competition. Prepare to witness the precision and skill of these daring athletes as they navigate the skies of Lombok, showcasing their expertise in paragliding accuracy.

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Sky Lancing Paragliding

Becoming the host of the PGAWC event was no easy feat, according to Roy Rahmanto, Secretary of the Indonesian Aerosport Federation (FASI) for NTB. He explained that the successful completion of the bidding process and meeting all the necessary requirements took place last year. Rahmanto made these comments on Monday (12/6/2023).

The location has secured approvals from the landowner, Lanud ZAM, the NTB Provincial Government, and the Local Government of Central Lombok, according to his statement. Sky Lancing Paragliding Lombok holds the exclusive permission to fly at altitudes of up to 200 meters.

The Indonesian leg of PGAWC is scheduled for July 27-30, with a maximum of 80 participants. Sky Lancing has been chosen as the host for 2023, 2024, and 2025. Indonesia, as the host, has reserved a quota of 15-20 athletes. Presently, 65 athletes from 16 countries, including Indonesia, have already registered online.

The registered participants who completed their online registration will go through a selection process, considering their world rankings. With administrative tasks now finalized, the attention turns to technical preparations and the coordination of the jury. “We have a panel of 13 judges, including representatives from Thailand and Malaysia,” he mentioned.

Sky Lancing Paragliding

Meanwhile, Lalu Pathul Bahri, the Regent of Central Lombok, announced the completion of various preparations in collaboration with Lanud ZAM and other stakeholders. He mentioned that the Central Lombok Regent’s Paragliding Cup, involving local athletes from NTB, will kick off before the international championship.

The event has a dual purpose of promoting tourism in NTB and fostering economic development in the Central Lombok community. “The championship acts as a platform to highlight the region and unearth promising paragliding athletes who can bring distinction to the area in the future,” he underscored.

Article Source: Inside Lombok – Puluhan Atlet Paralayang Dunia Bakal Mengudara di Sky Lancing Paragliding Lombok

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