Sekotong, Lombok Underwater Tourism Destination that Comparable to Raja Ampat

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West Lombok does not only have Senggigi as a favorite tourist destination. There is Sekotong, a tourist area that has a wealth of stunning seas and beaches.

This tourist area is surrounded by white sand beaches and clear sea. Sekotong also has small islands known as Gili that have been designated as marine conservation areas by the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, namely Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak and Gili Tangkong.

Lombok's new tourist destination
The Secret Gilis

Head of the West Lombok Tourism Office Saepul Akhkam said his party wanted to promote Sekotong as a promising tourist destination. He also prepared a special promotion through the tagline. “We use the tagline #KeSekotongAja,” he said, Tuesday, October 27, 2020.

Saepul said there were 23 Gilis in Sekotong. A total of 12 Gilis of which are inhabited and there are still many who have not been explored. But all of them have a beautiful underwater world.

For example in the Batu Putih area which is the zero point of West Nusa Tenggara. There is a Japanese heritage cannon, desert point Bangko-bangko which is a favorite of surfers along a series of beautiful beaches such as Mekaki beach, Nambung beach and Elak-elak beach.

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From the results of a study by the government in 2018, the number of species of hard corals found was 63 species from 17 hard coral families. Meanwhile, the diversity of reef fish species was recorded as 432 species from 45 families.

With its beauty and potential, according to Saepul, Sekotong deserves to be one of the mainstays of tourism in West Lombok, especially in marine tourism.

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Budiman, one of the boatmen in West Sekotong said that Sekotong’s greatest tourism potential is its maritime wealth. “What we sell is underwater tourism, that’s where our biggest potential is in Sekotong,” he said.

According to Budiman, Sekotong’s underwater wealth is no less than other tourist destinations in Indonesia. Various types of coral to turtle breeding can be found in Sekotong.

He also assessed the natural wealth under the sea in Raja Ampat, Papua. “What are you looking for in Sekotong? Some of the professional divers have found species that are not found in Raja Ampat,” said Budiman.

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