Rinjani Travel Mart highlights the Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ) as a new tourist attraction

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guest article

Mataram is set to hold the third edition of Rinjani Travel Mart from April 4 to 6.

Initiated by the Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies (ASITA) of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) province, the event is said to highlight the Mandalika special economic zone (SEZ) as a new tourist attraction for buyers.

“SEZ Mandalika will become our new attraction for buyers this year. The number of buyers also increased from last year from 163 to 216,” said ASITA NTB Regional Representatives Council (DPD) head Dewantoro Umbu Djoka in a statement on Monday.

Dewantoro said the 216 buyers consisted of tourism players and travel agencies from cities in Indonesia like Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang and Bandung, as well as outside the country, such as Malaysia, Japan, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Nepal and Singapore.

“Based on these buyers’ statements and requests, we found out that SEZ Mandalika has become the hottest tourist destination,” he added.

During the event, among the activities on schedule are a welcoming event hosted by state-owned airport operator PT Angkasa Pura I at Lombok International Airport and a farewell dinner hosted by the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) as the manager of SEZ Mandalika.

Rinjani Travel Mart committee head Agustin Sasongkowati said around 56 sellers from NTB would participate at the event, comprising hoteliers, travel agents and tourism-related businesspeople.

“Last year the event was also joined by 56 sellers. But this year the number of buyers increased quite significantly,” she said.

Agustin added that last year’s Rinjani Travel Mart had managed to score a total transaction of up to Rp 20 billion (US$1.4 million) and the committee is expecting to increase the number to around Rp 40 billion.

Among the packages set to be offered at the event are destinations around SEZ Mandalika in Central Lombok, such as a three-day, two-night stay at a four-star hotel priced at Rp 1.5 million.

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