Revitalization of Mandalika Circuit to be Completed This Week: MGPA

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guest article

Track improvement works are underway at the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) and will be completed this week, President Director of the Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA) Priandhi Satria stated. 

track Mandalika circuit

The track improvement work was conducted at the request of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), as the circuit would host the 11th round of the 2022 FIM World Superbike Championship (WSBK) on November 11-13, 2022. The President Director of MGPA – the promoter of all racing events held at the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit — noted that the challenge for the improvement project was that the circuit required a unique asphalt mixture that was not used by any other circuit.

“Making the (asphalt) mixture for the Mandalika Circuit is not easy. The circuit is located near the sea. The weather changes a lot. During the day, the circuit is hot, then in the afternoon it turns cold, while at the night it can be wet or humid,” he pointed out.

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Nonetheless, he stated that Italian company Dromo, who applied the Italian Circuit Design, were appointed as consultants of the track improvement project and had found the right asphalt mixture for the circuit. “Dromo, a consultant that has built dozens of circuits around the world, has made a new mixture. They took several kinds of stones from Indonesia to create the new asphalt mixture, while the asphalt compounding was conducted in Germany and Italy. According to them, it was a new mixture,” Satria explained.

track Mandalika circuit
Mandalika International Circuit

In addition to revitalizing the track, his side also extended the run-off and curbs. “The curbs that used to be regular curbs had been renovated to be similar to the ones used at Misano Circuit. The revitalization of the curbs and run-off area has been completed, and now, they just need to be repainted. All works are targeted to be completed on October 25-27, 2022,” he stated.

The MGPA president director remarked that Dorna Sports, as the commercial right holder of MotoGP and WSBK, was satisfied with the improvements made to the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit.

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