President calls on Hong Kong businessmen to invest in Indonesia

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Hong Kong invest Indonesia | Li Ka Shing, who is called the “Superman” because of his mastery in business – expressed his commitment to the president to increase his investment in Indonesia. He has already invested in Indonesia since more than a decade ago. During a meeting with businessmen in #HongKong, Jokowi stated that the government has opened more investment chances in various sectors and that the investment door in Indonesia is widely open for them.

He also provided assurance on the governments effort to ensure #Indonesia was a good state to invest during his speech at the Hong Kong businessmen meeting in Hotel Conrads Grand Ballroom, Hong Kong.

The first reform since he was elected as president was the reduction in gasoline subsidy allocation, which reaches 80 percent, and the fund directed to the other sectors.

“The amount is around US$15 billion each fiscal year, and we allocate them to other sectors such as health, education, and mainly infrastructures,” he explained.

“The 35-gigawatts power project, 1,000-kilometers highway, 3.258-kilometers railway, 15 new airports, 10 airports developments, and 24 new and improved ports,” Jokowi added.

Apart from that, the president also stated about the removal of around 3,000 local laws, which hinder investment, and explained the tax amnesty plan as well.

“Thanks to those efforts, this year we have increased our rank in World Banks Investment index to 91st from 106 last year,” he remarked, adding that the new target was to rise to the top 40.

Infrastructure development in Indonesia now connects more areas and increases chances in tourism sector.

“We have launched a program called Ten New Bali in Bali, our famous tourist island with the better infrastructure, similar to Raja Ampat in Papua, #Mandalika in #Lombok, and Komodo Island,” Jokowi revealed.

“Anyone can buy properties there before Li Ka Shing buys them all and increases the price,” he added.

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