Mandala Eco-Village – A Holistic Health Center for Soulful Living

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A Holistic Health Center

Carina Lisa Beck is originally from Switzerland and completed her diploma in pediatric nursing in 2021. In the last 10 years she has acquired in-depth knowledge in various areas of naturopathy and alternative medicine. This enabled her to heal health problems or greatly improve them.

In addition, through various assignments in social work and visits to Africa, she has gained in-depth experience in foreign cultures, social structures and the area of transcultural dialogue. This has strongly influenced her desire to live in a sustainable community, in harmony with nature.

The project of the first holistic health center in Lombok arose from the vision to combine different health approaches. Western medicine combined with the holistic view of alternative medicine and the valuable knowledge of the local people of Indonesia. This offers the public, the residents of the Mandala Eco-Village, as well as the local population of the region, a more access in the field of health & well being.

This includes, for example, acupressure, craniosacral therapy, detox & fasting, homeopathy, herbal medicine, natural hormone balancing, sound healing, breathwork, stress management & burnout prevention, yoga, massages, and other forms as individual/group treatments, workshops or retreats.

The aim is to create best possible union of body, mind and soul, taking into account the holistic perspective in harmony with nature, integrated in the five pillars of the Mandala Eco-Village. The human being is thereby strengthened in its entirety, which in turn offers the greatest possible added value for itself, the environment and ultimately for all of humanity.

Watch full video here: Mandala Eco-Village | A Holistic Health Center for Soulful Living

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