Interesting Facts About Gran Melia Lombok, a 5-Star Terrace Concept at Torok Bay

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Gran Melia Lombok

Who would have thought that coming to visit Lombok as a tourist would inspire the Co-Founder of Invest Islands, Kevin Deisser, to make investments in Indonesia and plan to open Gran Melia Lombok in 2024. When completed, Gran Melia Lombok will be a five-star resort owned by foreign investors.

This was directly revealed by the Managing Director of PTI Architects, Doddy Tjahjadi, who told the story of the beginning of the investment in the five-star hotel and resort of Gran Melia Lombok by Invest Islands. 

Doddy said during a press conference for Gran Melia in Jakarta some time ago: “I was quite surprised that in 2020 there were submissions from Invest Islands who wanted to invest, even though from the impression it was ordinary, but for decades they had focused on the hospitality industry or hotel services.”

The majority of foreigners are well known to only own villas and tiny inns in Bali and Lombok, not big hotels or resorts, even with 5 stars. Doddy, who is also responsible for the hotel’s interior design, said that due to the price range, it is hoped that the hotel will attract more foreign visitors once opened.

Here are some interesting facts about Gran Melia Lombok:

1. Located on the Beachside and Hillside

This 5-star hotel is located on Lombok’s southern coast and faces either the Indian Ocean or the open sea. Due to the fact that this hotel is located on a hillside, or more specifically in Torok Bay, in which the coastline is crescent-shaped, the view of the sea and the expanse of the horizon allows for a more stunning setting. Moreover, the views of Torok Bay and the sprawling rice fields will increasingly spoil guests.

2. Sustainable Building Concepts 

The Gran Melia Lombok was constructed with the same concepts as other sustainable or environmentally friendly buildings, which have become a global trend. Even the texture and soil maintain the original shape of the environment, including forms such as slopes or terraces, so that when it is developed, the construction does not harm the surrounding ecosystem and still pays attention to the balance of nature. In order to ensure that each villa remains unique and boasts its characteristics, each room was designed separately. Key aspects of the buildings include solar panels, energy-efficient technology, and organic materials that are locally sourced.

3. The Combination of Spanish and Lombok Design

The concept of sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing modern trends and comforts, with smart construction, planning, and interior designs, anything can be achieved. No less than 2 teams of designers were deployed to complete the Gran Melia Lombok hotel, locally and internationally.

The contours of the building and the external design were designed by the Designer of Inspiral Architecture and Design Studio team, led by Charlie Hearn as director and architect. Meanwhile, the interior design is the work of the PTI Architects team, led by Doddy Tjahjadi as managing director. The shape of the hotel embraces the surrounding nature as it consists of bamboo which is designed and woven in such an inspirational way by Charlie and his team. With bamboo, it is intended that tourists and visitors can experience the obvious natural vibes in addition to the luxury of environmental friendliness, according to Charlie.

The style of the building tends to be like houses near the mountains and valleys in Spain, while the ornaments and various decorations consist of traditional Lombok designs.

4. Prices for Domestic and Foreign Tourists

There are three types of property that hotel visitors can choose, namely the KAYMA Morocco Tented Suite which has a unique concept, the eco-friendly minimalist luxury villa, namely AURORA, and the home-like villa, namely LA RESIDENZA Bauhaus.

These three rooms can be booked for between IDR 7 million to IDR 14 million per night. Luxurious amenities, luxurious interiors with private pools, and windows with views of the outdoors and sea are found in every room.

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5. Strategic Location

This villa has a strategic location because it is only 25 kilometers from Lombok International Airport and close to the Mandalika MotoGP Circuit, even though it initially appears to be relatively remote.

“At Invest Islands, our mission is to present the breathtaking beauty of the Indonesian archipelago and to create outstanding developments that enhance the reputation of the regions they are located in. Every stakeholder, from indigenous peoples to foreign investors, will profit as we open up uncharted islands” – Kevin Deisser – Co-founder of Invest Islands.

Article source: – Deretan Fakta Menarik Gran Melia Lombok Hotel Bintang 5 Berkonsep Terasering di Tanjung Zamrud

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