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Indonesia Government Issue Second Home Visa, Allowing Foreigners to Live in Indonesia

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guest article

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Yasonna H. Laoly

Yasonna H. Laoly, Indonesia’s Minister of Law and Human Rights, said that a Second Home Visa provides foreign citizens an opportunity to stay in Indonesia.

This was conveyed by Yasonna while attending the dissemination of the latest Indonesian citizenship and immigration policy at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) in San Francisco, United States, Saturday (25/6).

In his opening remarks, the Minister of Law and Human Rights said “in the Job Creation Act there are various new policies formulated regarding the duties and functions of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.” 

“These duties and functions include the existence of a new legal entity, namely an Individual Company, and a new type of Visa known as as a ‘second home’ visa,” said the release received from the Directorate General of Immigration, Wednesday (29/6).

“The Second Home Visa provides an opportunity for foreign nationals, including the elderly, who want to settle in Indonesia,” Yasonna said in the press release.

Apart from being used by foreigners who want to spend their retirement or old age in Indonesia, Yasonna said the visa can also be used by foreigners who, due to other provisions, cannot be accommodated with other types of residence permits.

“However, they must fulfill the stipulated provisions, especially related to the principle of benefits that make a positive contribution to improving the Indonesian economy,” said Yasonna.

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Children With Dual Nationalities

He added that the policy in the field of citizenship, especially for children from mixed marriages, which had been long awaited, had finally been implemented.

This policy is realized through the stipulation of Government Regulation (PP) Number 21 of 2022 concerning Amendments to Government Regulation Number 2 of 2007 concerning Acquiring, Losing, Canceling, and Regaining Indonesian Citizenship.

Yasonna said the PP was a form of the state’s presence in providing legal protection and certainty for children born before the enactment of Law Number 12 of 2006 concerning Indonesian Citizens who were not registered as Children with Dual Citizenship (ABG).

“Then also for children born before the enactment of the Indonesian Citizenship Law who have been registered as ABGs, but do not choose Indonesian Citizenship until the specified time limit ends,” he added.

Yasonna said PP 21/2022 allows children from mixed marriages who were born before the Indonesian Citizenship Law and children of both Indonesian citizens born in the ius soli country (so that they become ABG) can obtain Indonesian citizenship through the citizenship application mechanism to the president.

The application is submitted to the Menkumham within two years from the promulgation of the PP, which is until May 2024.

On the other hand, Immigration also provides facilities for ABG subjects who have been registered, namely exemptions from the obligation to have a visa, residence permit, and re-entry permit. via affidavit.

Affidavits can be submitted to Indonesian Representative Offices abroad. If the child lives in Indonesia, he can apply at the immigration office according to his domicile. The affidavit facility can be used until the subject of ABG reaches the age of 21, at which point he must determine his nationality.

Article source: CNN Indonesia – Pemerintah Terbitkan Visa Second Home, WNA Bisa Menetap di Indonesia

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