Indonesia Golden Generation 2045: The path to become one of the big 5 world’s economic giants

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guest article

Indonesia Golden Generation 2045: The path to become one of the big 5 world’s economic giants

The Indonesian community is rather unique. They are quite fond of big predictions. For example, there is the prediction that Indonesia will have a demographic bonus in 2030 and, the most recent one, of how to reach Indonesia Golden Generation 2045 project.

The demographic bonus talks about how in 2030 Indonesia’s population will be dominated by the youths who belong in the working age group. In the mean time, it also has been predicted when Indonesia turns 100 years old in 2045, the country can become one of the world’s economic giants.

When reviewed closely, these predictions are related to each other. Furthermore, there is one crucial aspect to support the realization of these predictions: the importance of high quality human resources.

In regards to the Indonesia golden generation 2045,

President Joko Widodo or Jokowi said that in order to head towards the Indonesia golden generation 2045 there were several steps to be passed. Those steps should be taken from now so Indonesia could be a part of big 5 of the world economy.

“The first step to golden Indonesia is the economic sector; improving the infrastructure so we could compete with other countries,” said Jokowi on Thursday, May 24, in Majalengka, West Java.

Jokowi explained, Indonesia as a big country should be able to utilize its resources, either natural resources or human resources. Therefore, to improve the economy, the government’s focus is to build the infrastructure. “Our focus this time is to improve infrastructure to compete with other countries,” he said, adding that it was the main point to be improved.

Besides infrastructure problem, uttered Jokowi, the next step was human resources investment. He reasoned that with the human resource investment, the country could move forward. “The second stage is by investing on human resources, like upgrading all the young people’s skill, whether in university, engineering or other sectors,” he said.

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