Doing Business in Indonesia is getting easier every year:

guest article

guest article

Business in Indonesia has followed through significant efforts to make it worthy of jumping 15 places upward from last year in the ranking list by World Bank.

2017 statistics for Ease of Doing Business showed how business in Indonesia now stands on the 91st position.

There are many reasons why to invest in Indonesia. The world’s largest archipelago is known for its incredible natural resources, tremendous economic potential and for being one of the leading #ASEAN markets.

Compared to the 128th position in 2013, the last couple of years give more reason why to invest in Indonesia as the ranking has improved remarkably.

World Bank Country Director Rodrigo Chaves has stated that the strongest positive influence for Indonesia´s index change were improving the following:

– Easier to establish business
– Access to electricity
– Registering a property
– Acquiring finance
– Paying taxes
– Engaging in cross-border trade
– Establishing contracts

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