The Mandalika Circuit Starts to Be Paved, Stage I – 390 Meters Along

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Mandalika circuit constructions
Mandalika circuit

Work on the foundation layer of the Mandalika circuit has been completed. Then ITDC and MGPA began working on paving the first layer of the circuit track. The initial stage is 390 meters long of the circuit’s total length of 4.31 kilometers (km).

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“We are targeting the first layer of asphalting to be completed this month,” said Director of Operations and Business Innovation ITDC Arie Prasetyo in his release.

He explained that the first layer of asphalt was processed using an asphalt mixing plant (AMP) at the circuit project site. The AMP used is the lintec CSD3000 series with a maximum capacity of 240 tons per hour.

“Currently, it is the AMP with the largest capacity in Indonesia,” he said.

He said, after that, then enter the second stage of paving to the final layer of paving. He is optimistic that all stages of the circuit construction will run according to the homologation target this mid-year.

“This project is also the construction of a street circuit for the MotoGP event with the fastest construction period in the world,” said Arie.

Furthermore, he added that in order to ensure the quality of the asphalt and its completion, ITDC continues to closely monitor daily developments and progress. Supervision will be carried out by MGPA or the ITDC business unit which is specifically responsible for building and managing the Mandalika and MotoGP circuits.

“We continue to show enthusiasm, prepare ourselves to host IndonesiaGP 2021,” said Arie.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Loteng HL Pathul Bahri called for the community to support and succeed in the construction of the Mandalika circuit. Especially residents of the Special Economic Zone (KEK) buffer. You do this by maintaining security and public order.

“Because if MotoGP was held, then we could not imagine the circulation of money in our area,” said Pathul.

According to him, MotoGP and Superbike are the answers to regional, provincial and national economic recovery.

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