Why German Magazine Picks Sumba Island as the World’s Most Beautiful Island

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guest article

Sumba Island in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province was selected as “The Best Beautiful Island in the World” according to German magazine Focus.

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The election of Sumba as the most beautiful island also received the attention of relevant agencies in the local municipal government.

“We are grateful and highly appreciated to the Focus magazine in Germany who recently selected Sumba as ‘The Best Beautiful Island in the World’,” said Marius Ardu Jelamu, Head of NTT Tourism Office in Kupang, Monday, (2/26/2018) as cited by Antara.

Marius pointed out the reason the international magazine chose Sumba Island is Sumba’s abundant natural wealth and culture.

Sumba Island located in the south of NTT has the beauty of the vast savannas which are rarely found in the world. Sumba is famous for its marine and exotic beaches.

In addition, Sumba Island has the potential of a unique megalithic tourist attraction in the world, as well as various cultural products such as ikat weaving, traditional houses, as well as the famous Pasola riding culture.

“The international agency Bird Life has also established the Matalawa National Park area in Sumba as an important bird area because there are 10 species of endemic birds that live there,” he said.

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Bringing Impact of International Promotion

Marius believed the election of Sumba as the most beautiful island in the world will bring the impact of international promotion that will soon be known to millions of people in various parts of the world.

International tourists must also be wondering where Sumba Island is located, which allows them to visit. “Indeed, currently tourist visits to Sumba continues to increase from time to time,” he said.

According to Marius, the growing popularity of Sumba Island as a leading tourist resort in the island-based province suggests that promotional and marketing efforts through tourism activities are beginning to bear fruit.

Sumba which is divided into four areas of regional government administration has a famous annual tourism event, i.e., the parade of thousands of sandel horse or Sandalwood pony combined with ikat festival.

“It means the branding that we sell for tourism development in Sumba through this event has shown positive results because it has seized the attention of foreign communities,” he said.

Marius added that scientific research conducted with local universities also shows that Sumba Island has become the third destination of tourists to NTT after Komodo National Park (TNK) and Labuan Bajo in West Flores Island.

“Previously, the interest of tourist visit after Komodo National Park is to Kelimutu, Ende regency, but now the choice has been shifted to Sumba,” he said.

He ensured local government will continue to coordinate promoting and marketing of various tourism potentials, not only in Sumba, but also all regions in the island-based province. Moreover, every region in NTT has been supported by a wealth of diverse tourism.

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