Scoot Airlines Lands for the First Time in Lombok

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guest article

Low-cost airline Scoot, a subsidiary of the Singapore Airlines Group, opened direct international flights on the Singapore – Lombok route and vice versa. Starting on Sunday, 16 October 2022 this inaugural flight was marked by the landing of Scoot flight number TR-258 from Singapore at Lombok Airport at 10.26 WITA. The Airbus A320, with a capacity of 180 economy class seats carries 159 passengers and 6 crew.

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The passengers of Scoot’s inaugural Singapore-Lombok flight were greeted with the beat of gendang beleq at the international arrival gate area of ​​Lombok Airport. Furthermore, the Scoot flight crew led by Captain Ng Kah Hwee received a woven Sasak cloth from the Regional Secretary of the NTB Province HL Gita Ariadi, and the General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura I Lombok Airport Rahmat Adil Indrawan.

According to Rahmat Adil Indrawan, “Lombok has a very beautiful nature.” In addition, Lombok and NTB are also enriched with regular annual events such as MotoGP, WSBK, MXGP, and others. With the addition of this international route, it is hoped that Lombok tourism, with its sports tourism can be more global. “We would like to thank Scoot airline for opening this route,” said Rahmat.

For information, the Scoot airlines Singapore-Lombok-Singapore route will operate twice a week, every Sunday and Wednesday. Scoot flight number TR-258 is scheduled to depart from Singapore at 07.50 local time and arrive in Lombok at 10.20 WITA. As for the opposite route, the plane will depart from Lombok at 11.20 WITA and arrive in Singapore at 14.05 local time.

Article Source: Pagi Ini, Maskapai Scoot Anak Perusahaan Singapore Airlines Mengisi Rute Singapura – Lombok

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