Peek inside these new trend of eco-luxury villas and resort opening on Indonesia’s exotic Sumba Island

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guest article

Sumba is part of Indonesia’s archipelago, nestled between the Islands of Sumbawa and Flores—Isle of Flowers—to the north, with the Indian Ocean and Australia to the South. A relatively undeveloped island, it remains popular with surfers and intrepid travellers looking for authentic experience and interaction with the local population that is spread out between four regional districts.

Sumba map | © Invest Islands 

It remains undeveloped, and other than a small number of purpose build luxury resorts, it offers basic accommodation to travellers willing to travel off the beaten track.

“Like Bali, 50 years ago” is a common description you might hear of Sumba Island by consumed travellers. As soon as you arrive at one of the 2 airports on Sumba Island, you can encounter the pristine untouched nature of this exotic gem. In contrast to the traffic and commercial development particularly in the southern part of Bali, Sumba feels completely remote, the site of small villages and waves famous to surfers the world over and Chris Burch’s newly opened luxury resort then called Nihiwatu (now Nihi, Sumba) are some of the sceneries you’ll enjoy during your ride. Now, though, the island is becoming more visible and will definitely be in the next months when other resorts open on the island’s southwest corner:  Some like Lelewatu, a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts will surely increase the fame of this pristine island.

The new trend of Eco-luxury villas and resort designs

Eco-luxury villas on sumba Island
Nihiwatu resort and villas | © Nihi Sumba 

The dominating trend of Eco-luxury design property of today must resolutely take into consideration the land is working on and whether what it wants to create is sustainable and aesthetically suitable for the setting. The eco-luxury design must be practical, resourceful and sustainable while remaining limitless in possibility and scope. Lombok and Sumba island, provide the perfect challenge to put renewed ethics and commitment to creating a sustainable future to the test, by offering developers a blank canvas, from which it can co-create in harmony with the lines of natures around these gems of beauty.

Eco-luxury villas on sumba island
Eco-luxury villas Torok Design | © Invest Islands

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Fortunately, this type of resorts is not going to be too big, generally, around 27 eco-luxury villas ranging from 1000 to 7000 square feet perched on a cliff or on nesting on a white-sand stretched beach overlooking the Indian Ocean. The properties are lush, 10 acres bordered by jungle and surrounded by unmatched extraordinary beaches.  Foliage separates the villas, ensuring privacy, and each has a pool, ensuring relaxation and quiet. And although there is marble in the bathrooms, the rest of the design is island appropriate with elements of local wood, stone, local crafts such as hand-loomed Ikat fabrics and village architecture with pointed thatched roofs and typical Bamboo structure designs.

Eco-luxury villas on Sumba Island
Eco-luxury villas Torok design interiors | © Invest Islands

land properties on the exotic indonesian island of Sumba 

Other elements of the resort are going to be decidedly local as well. The SPAs will emphasize Indonesian treatments utilizing ingredients such as coconut and cloves. The restaurant sectors have the luck to feature freshly caught fish and specialities from the island and other parts of Indonesia with some Western dishes for the guests homesick for a taste from home.

Some guests will give in to the laid back tone and do virtually nothing. But for those who want to be more active, these new Eco-luxury villas and secluded resorts will arrange visits to the villages, hikes along the rugged terrain to picturesque lakes and waterfalls and horseback riding. And for those who want to try out their surfing skills, attain one of the few slots to ride the famed waves on Sumba Island

Tourism on Sumba Island

Sumba is a developing destination, which is part of its current rustic charm. Without a fully established infrastructure, road networks remain rustic, and subsequent accommodation and services essential, and suited to adventurers seeking unspoiled charm.

It currently attracts around 10,000 tourists each year, a number set to increase as property development sets in, providing quality accommodation and amenities.

However, its an island that is ripe for careful development, that enhances opportunities for locals and maximises its unique features and rugged coastline that is laced with exquisite charm in the form of untouched bays, lagoons and surf spots.

Sumba is the perfect island for tourism. It has beautiful landscapes, amazing beaches, the best waves, and such a rich culture an history.

A crucial part of its new infrastructure is Tambolaka Airport, which has recently undergone an expansion to its runway, including the addition of lighting required for night flights to the territory.

Sumba village traditional houses | © Invest Islands 

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