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The objective of Mandala Eco-Village is to create an ecologically conscious, sustainable community that values the planet as much as its people. Bringing together citizens from around the world, the sprawling eco-estate is located on the southern coast of a naturally beautiful island that bathes in year-round sunshine and stimulates a healthy, peaceful, stress-free lifestyle.


Mandala allows us to appreciate that while Earth is only our temporary home, it is also an incredible planet that should be shared and cared for rather than capitalised upon and drained of life. With re-wilded nature, reusable energy, rainwater collection, and a zero waste goal, if you ever wished we could start afresh, this is your chance.


Mandala is a place where your morning commute may involve a bicycle or a surf board, your lunch might include hand-picked vegetables from your own back yard or community market, and rush-hour traffic could be nothing more than a meandering dance between yourself and a herd of buffalo.


Mandala is a mixed community of permanent residents and short-term visitors. Home to local is-landers and international expatriates, the eco-village also welcomes travellers eager to live con-sciously and in harmony with their temporary surroundings. 

The Mandala Eco-Village in Indonesia is an inspirational model of sustainable intentional community living that values sustainable living over consumerism. A sprawling, sun-kissed coastal estate that merges modern technology and expert knowledge with clean energy solutions and island traditions, Mandala promises to play its part in building a better future for both the planet and its population.

Located in Lombok, the eco-village promotes a healthy and stress-free lifestyle and will feature around 100 residential units, various permaculture projects, leisure facilities, shops, and an international school. To reconnect with nature, sometimes we need to disconnect from modern life.


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