At Invest Islands, we work alongside the local population of Lombok, to provide support and opportunities that improve access to education, medical care and to basic amenities. Our initiatives go hand-in-hand with the work of local NGO’s, to create practical solutions for real problems, such as dealing with waste, when there is no waste management infrastructure. We are committed to employing, training and providing locals with the the circumstances from which they can excel.


Some time ago, we began to rethink how we could reduce the use of plastic at our seafront restaurant “Tapaz Bar” located on Gili Trawangan.

We decided to set a goal to go completely plastic free by 2020, because we feel passionate about our corporate responsibility to lead the change needed to rid the world of unnecessary plastic.

Seeing firsthand the issues arising from lack of waste management and recycling facilities, we took it upon ourselves to take direct action to rid our beaches, neighborhoods and stunning marine coastline of this treacherous outmoded material.

We took pleasure in banning straws and unnecessary plastics from our restaurants, we built a series of marine conservation – large fish-like eco-bins on the beaches of Gili, to raise awareness and show tourists and locals alike just how much litter that was laying around.

Even using reusable bags, we felt we were only skimming the surface, so we extended our activities to merge with regional partnerships so together, we could find ways to tackle the plastic problem in innovative and meaningful ways.


The proposed volunteer-led projects are long-term, anti-litter campaigns, styled to run alongside educational programmes. Their aim is to address the waste management problems on Gili Islands, as well as on  nearby islands

1st Phase

Our main objective of the first phase of this campaign is to reduce the amount of litter by raising the awareness among beach goers — showing the impact litter has on the marine environment, and beach habitats. It is our hope that a continuous reinforcement campaign will affect and consequently change the habits of people, encouraging them to go the extra mile to take rubbish with them and to recycle properly.

2nd Phase

The second is to finance beach cleaning initiatives by involving local schools and businesses, as well as residents and tourists. By encouraging these all groups to get involved, we envision fostering a long-term relationship where those involved will become ambassadors for our projects.


Unfortunately the lack of access to formal waste management is the major cause for the plastic waste that ends up flowing into our rivers and oceans. By 2025, there is expected to be 1 ton of plastic for every 3 tons of fish in our oceans. But we can reverse this. Our proposed program will help to generate a dignified livelihood and knowledge base to address the root cause of plastic pollution in the Gilis and the wider region.

This initiative is about transitioning the industry towards a circular economy to assess the progress made towards our sustainable development goals. We have partnered with global brands and manufacturers to catalyze real change in the communities that need it most. Help us scale our ethical sourcing platform and create long-term positive change through responsible supply chains.

To get involved in our environmental projects, feel free to send us a message and we will get in touch shortly.

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