In a time of urbanisation and the associated scarcity of resources, land development must go hand-in-hand with recycling initiatives.
A new technology using recovered materials transforms formerly uninhabitable areas into prime neighbourhoods – benefiting the environment and economies worldwide.

Eco Design

Our key aim with eco-design is to reduce the overall environmental impact to a minimum, through innovative design solutions that take into consideration the entire lifecycle –  from the extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and use – all the way to recycling, “reparability”, and safe disposal.

Our holistic approach aims to keep environmental, social and economic benefits at the forefront of our design mission, without neglecting the aesthetic appeal and durable design.

The Mandala Eco-village
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The Mandala


The objective of Mandala Eco-Village is to create an ecologically conscious, sustainable community that values the planet as much as its people. Through rewilded nature, reusable energy, rainwater collection, and a zero-waste goal, Mandala Eco-Village engages together citizens worldwide the site to get back to nature.


Mandala allows us to appreciate that while Earth is only our temporary home, it is also an incredible planet that should be shared and cared for rather than capitalised upon and drained of life. With re-wilded nature, reusable energy, rainwater collection, and a zero waste goal, if you ever wished we could start afresh, this is your chance.


Mandala is a place where your morning commute may involve a bicycle or a surf board, your lunch might include hand-picked vegetables from your own back yard or community market, and rush-hour traffic could be nothing more than a meandering dance between yourself and a herd of buffalo.


Mandala is a mixed community of permanent residents and short-term visitors. Home to local is-landers and international expatriates, the eco-village also welcomes travellers eager to live con-sciously and in harmony with their temporary surroundings. 

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