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In a time of urbanisation and the associated scarcity of resources, land development must go hand-in-hand with recycling initiatives. A new technology using recovered materials transforms formerly uninhabitable areas into prime neighbourhoods – benefiting the environment and economies worldwide.

EcoDesign Approach

Our key aim with eco-design is to reduce the overall environmental impact to a minimum, through innovative design solutions that take into consideration the entire lifecycle –  from the extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and use – all the way to recycling, “reparability”, and safe disposal.

Our holistic approach aims to keep environmental, social and economic benefits at the forefront of our design mission, without neglecting the aesthetic appeal and durable design.


The Mandala


The objective of Mandala Eco-Village is to create an ecologically conscious, sustainable community that values the planet as much as its people. Bringing together citizens from around the world, the sprawling eco-estate is located on the southern coast of a naturally beautiful island that bathes in year-round sunshine and stimulates a healthy, peaceful, stress-free lifestyle.

The Mandala Eco-village
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eco friendly developments in indonesia


Mandala allows us to appreciate that while Earth is only our temporary home, it is also an incredible planet that should be shared and cared for rather than capitalised upon and drained of life. With re-wilded nature, reusable energy, rainwater collection, and a zero waste goal, if you ever wished we could start afresh, this is your chance.

eco friendly developments in indonesia


Mandala is a place where your morning commute may involve a bicycle or a surf board, your lunch might include hand-picked vegetables from your own back yard or community market, and rush-hour traffic could be nothing more than a meandering dance between yourself and a herd of buffalo.

eco friendly developments in indonesia


Mandala is a mixed community of permanent residents and short-term visitors. Home to local is-landers and international expatriates, the eco-village also welcomes travellers eager to live con-sciously and in harmony with their temporary surroundings. 

portfolio properties in Indonesia

Kayma – Tented Suites

At Invest Islands our in-house architecture team work hand-in-hand with local craftsmen in Lombok to bring the best possible collaborations. All our tents are fitted out with bespoke in-built elements to maximise the comfort and luxury of the experience.

Each unit comes with its own extensive wooden deck, surrounded by lush greenery, the deck offers privacy and immersion in nature. Each tent also has its own private pool, carefully positioned as part of our master planning to maximise the views.

After extensive research our team has sourced the best glamping tent products globally, straight out of the workshop to match our requirements. Each unit is customized to the highest quality.

We are able to offer two types; fully integrated into our precision masterplan to deliver optimum views and privacy.

The tents have floor areas of 37.5 m2 & 50 m2

portfolio properties in Indonesia

Inspiral – Eco-luxury Villas

We encourage investment in eco-friendly luxury villas with an open and contemporary design. Our collaboration with renowned architects allows you to own a stylish villa with an ecological and modern design. There are a wide range of features to choose from, ranging from wooden patios to infinity pools and much more.

The aims were to develop a new experience for a high-end residence with timeless design and to be an iconic, desirable destination recognised from around the world.

The villas create the feeling of space, freedom and co- existence with the surrounding environment and support the various lifestyle aspects of the occupant within a holistic make up, whilst integrating eco- friendly and sustainable features.

Working with the best construction partners in the region will allow you to own your customized villa ensuring the end result is up to your specification, with a core of superior quality and style.

portfolio properties in Indonesia

La Residenza – Contemporary Residences

Invest Islands are proud to be able to offer a turnkey solution to building your dream villa as part of our Torok Hills Development or as a stand alone residence suited to any plot purchased through us.

We have selected and worked with local experts to provide a fully costed, well planned design, utilising local materials and built by our team of highly skilled craftsmen.

Our contemporary villas are in the style of the Bauhaus movement in the 1920s and beyond and will appeal to the discerning client who enjoys European designs adapted to the tropical climate.

Special features include phenomenal sunrise and sunset views overlooking two bays, and an open-plan lay out that utilises this unique use of space and design.

The villas come as 2 and 3 bedroom units, each with a stunning 22-meter infinity pool – perfect for families, or those of you wanting a more classic type of design.

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