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Companies and investors are increasingly working together to address major global challenges. We at Invest Islands promote an “impact investing” approach, whereby the intention of the investment is to not only generate a financial return, but also produce a positive social and environmental impact too.

The Five-Pillar Framework for Sustainable Investment

Our team has identified a five-pillar framework for sustainable international investment that underpins our mission and approach.

The five-pillar framework orients our work and provides the company with guidance on how to conduct our business.

This approach has been developed through research, advisory projects, and stakeholder dialogue with policymakers, corporate executives, multilateral and donor organisations, civil society, and local communities. We consider it to be a “living framework”.


buy sustainable land properties in indonesia
A transparent legal investment framework is mutually beneficial to the host country, specifically its community and individuals, as well as to the investors. Invest Islands’ robust legal framework is the result of thorough legal compliance to the regulations in Hong Kong and Indonesia, including laws, policies, administrative and judicial decisions.


buy sustainable land properties in indonesia
Our approach promotes Human Rights and the integrated development of communities, ensuring that local communities in the region benefit from the presence of international investments. Invest Islands is committed to enabling the participation and inclusion of individuals and communities with an aim to provide effective solutions for potential breaches.
buy sustainable land properties in indonesia
We provide an effective strategy for both medium- and long-term plans, which is informed by stakeholders’ engagement processes. Through these processes we optimize the investment outcomes by managing revenue from assets in accordance with national and local development objectives.



buy sustainable land properties in indonesia
Environmental protection is incorporated into Invest Islands’ policies prior to the design and approval of investments. Our policies address systematic environmental challenges, such as climate change, water management, biodiversity conservation, deforestation, and the protection of the global commons in accordance with relevant international treaties. Our goal is to facilitate investors and stakeholders’ capacity to anticipate, manage, mitigate, and adapt to the cumulative environmental impacts and challenges in the region.
buy sustainable land properties in indonesia
We develop our strategies with the aim to leverage investments for development through infrastructure and linkages. Our development models promote pragmatic, cooperative and mutually beneficial strategies for assessing and meeting the infrastructural needs of both the public and investors. Another factor we take into consideration is how to strengthen the links between the investment and local economy, including, wherever relevant, the procurement of goods, services and local workers.


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Indonesia will become the first Asian country to sell “green” bonds internationally as it looks to tap into growing investor interest in climate-friendly investments.

Indonesia is marketing a 10-year “sukuk” bond at the same time as the green deal. Initial price guidance sent to investors suggests the five-year green bonds would carry a coupon of 4.05 percent and the 10-year notes, 4.70 percent.

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Indonesia grew into a mission to create Southeast Asia’s largest ecotourism development. Along the Alas Strait, between Lombok and Sumbawa, East Indonesia, EcoRegions Indonesia is creating two large scale eco-focused areas that embrace more than 1,000 hectares of land and 20,000 hectares of water teeming with biodiversity.

EcoRegions is being designed as a large-scale platform and a home-base for green entrepreneurs as well as private organisations and individuals interested in living and/or investing in an eco-environment.

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