The FOUR pillars of sustainabilitY

Invest Islands considers corporate social responsibility (CSR) to be an essential and integral part of any sustainable business vision. Our CSR strategy is focused on improving the lives of people close to our projects in Lombok and Sumba as well as helping protect the planet from environmental issues.

Our Commitment to CSR

Companies that engage in socially responsible business consider the social and economic impact of all their decisions, while also taking into account the interests of their stakeholders. These stakeholders include all surrounding and affected parties: employees and clients, local residents, suppliers, government, investors – essentially a combination of the entire supply chain and wider society.

We agree with the definition of CSR as published in Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause by Nancy Lee and Philip Kotler:

“Creator of value: socially, ecologically and economically. This is referred to as the 3 Ps: People, Planet and Profit”

Source: Green School Bali

CSR plays a role in all company processes, from purchasing to marketing, production to human resource management.

Social issues emerge in every aspect of our enterprise, often intertwined with the interests of different stakeholders, including those actively involved and those working with other companies and organisations.

For us, CSR is a process, not a final destination. Our goals change with time and the decisions we make along the way. But we are consistent in one thing: all decisions taken are done so with the best intentions for the people and our planet.

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