Mandalika’s preparation to welcome MotoGP is 70 percent done.

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The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno said that currently Mandalika’s preparations for welcoming the MotoGP event had reached 70 percent. 

“Water, electricity, to products of the creative economy and tourist villages around Mandalika are now preparations at 70 percent,” he said in a virtual Weekly Press Briefing, Monday (5/4/2021). 

“The MotoGP Lombok 2021: The Story Behind The New Indonesian Circuit “Mandalika””

Preparations also include infrastructure, such as circuits, a place to accommodate riders, as well as preparations for networks and airports that are already nearly 90 percent.

For information, Mandalika in Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara will be the venue for the 2021 MotoGP and Superbike sports events. 

Of the two events, Sandiaga said that the final Superbike will be held in November.

“MotoGP is waiting for certainty. “On Tuesday (6/4/2021) and the day after tomorrow (7/4/2021), Dorna as the organizer of the MotoGP will visit Jakarta and Mandalika,” he said. 

During his visit, Dorna will carry out a series of activities to directly review the readiness of the circuit.

While waiting for a decision from the organizers, Sandiaga said that at this time they could only wait patiently. 

“The hope is that the decisions taken will strengthen us to move forward (and) prepare Mandalika as a super priority destination,” he said. 

Preparation from the health aspect in Mandalika 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, health protocols were of greatest concern to every level of society. Sandiaga did not deny this. 

Therefore, Sandiaga continued, the health aspect was also considered in the development of Mandalika. According to the president’s direction, Sandiaga hopes that MotoGP can be done physically.

“If online, the impact on the local economy is minimal. If the implementation of the health protocol does not allow it to be physically held, the decision will be discussed again, “Sandiaga said. 

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