Luxury camping on the rise globally as Invest Islands launches Asian offering

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guest article

Indonesia-based real estate brokerage Invest Islands believes glamping could become more prominent as Asia’s travel industry recovers from the pandemic.

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Invest Islands Glamping Luxury Tent

Indonesia-based real estate brokerage Invest Islands has identified luxury camping as an “efficient and economical” solution for Asia’s travel industry in the wake of the pandemic.

Co-founder Kevin Deisser said the impact of COVID-19 meant buffets would be banished, communal corridors cast aside, and shared swimming pools shaken up.

“Asia is going to see a massive rise in luxury camping,” he said.

“We were already seeing it in the likes of Vietnam and Cambodia before COVID-19 came along, but now with heightened awareness towards shared spaces and a rising trend for outdoor pursuits, glamping is the accommodation option that ticks all the boxes.”

The term “glamping” is an amalgamation of glamour and camping and can include spacious suites with double bed and fitted bath under a heavy-duty canvas roof.

Luxurious add-ons can consist of everything from private swimming pools and flat-screen TVs to pizza ovens and permanent telescopes.

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With the term also incorporating safari tented suites, domes, yurts and even tepees, the global glamping industry is projected to be worth US$4.8 billion by 2025 according to a report published last year by US-based Global View Research.

The study estimates a compound annual growth rate of more than 12.5 per cent during the forecast period.

Mr Deisser said glamping was a natural choice for travellers wanting to get closer to nature without scrimping on luxury.

“The quality of the accommodation remains five-star, yet you are away from other travellers in a stand-alone structure surrounded by the environment,” he said.

“There is a reason people were moving away from the traditional high-rise hotels even before the pandemic and it’s because privacy, exclusivity and a sense of uniqueness is growing in importance.”

As a result, Invest Islands recently launched its own luxury tented suite option, which the company is capable of erecting on any of its land plots in Lombok or Sumba.

Possible settings include a hillside with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, a white-sand beach, or a tropical forest.

Each of Invest Islands’ luxury tented suites includes a four-poster bed, natural stone bathtub, and a private swimming pool. Designed to exude exclusivity, the 130-square metre structure is fully customisable. Prices start from US$79,000.

Invest Islands Glamping Luxury Tent

Mr Deisser said the permanent structures provided land owners a range of development possibilities, whether as a solitary standalone home, a condominium-style set-up for a family, or an expansive glamping site that taps into the islands’ burgeoning tourism industry.

“Our tented suites are one of the easiest and most economical ways to own your own luxurious accommodation in Southeast Asia,” he said.

“When combined with a prime land plot, they have all the ingredients to be both an ideal holiday home and a profitable short-term letting option.

“It’s the perfect post-COVID accommodation because nothing is shared with anyone else.

“The last thing travellers want is to worry about getting sick from other guests and glamping essentially solves that issue.”

Mr Deisser said Invest Islands had already seen an increase in land owners looking to utilise their spare land to quickly construct a glamping structure and start profiting.

“Some clients are taking this period of no travel to push on with their projects so when tourists return, they are ready,” he said.

“Depending on the plot of land, we can take a tented suite from design-phase to doors-open in a little more than two months.”

The views and opinions expressed in this article are of Invest Islands and readers should rely on their independent advice in relation to such matters. 

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