Lombok to Hold Bau Nyale Festival on February 10-11

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The traditional community figures of the Sasak tribe have held the Sangkep Warige rituals to determine the implementation of the Bau Nyale tradition. As a result, the annual event will be held for two days from February 10-11, 2023, at Seger Beach, Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

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“According to the results of Sangkap Warige or deliberations, the Bau Nyale tradition at Seger Beach is set to be held on Friday and Saturday, February 10-11,” said the cultural figure of the Sasak tribe, Agus Fathurrahman, at the Sangkap Warige gathering in the Tourism Village of Ende, Wednesday, January 11, 2023.

Sangkap Warige is a tradition of deliberations conducted by religious and traditional figures of the Sasak tribe to determine the implementation of Bau Nyale. The Bau Nyale is a tradition of catching sea worms held in Lombok.

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During the event, people who participate would go to the coast of the sea to catch sea worms. It is believed that the sea worms are the incarnation of Mandalika, a royal princess who has a pure soul and has sacrificed for the welfare of her people.

Head of the Central Lombok Regency Tourism Office, Lendek Jayadi, said that to determine the time for the Bau Nyale peak in 2023 was based on signs from nature, such as the sound of tengekere (crickets), the traditional calendar of the Sasak tribe (Bintang Rowot), and other signs that conveyed by the traditional figures. “Bau Nyale will be part of the series to welcome the World Superbike (WSBK) event at the Mandalika Circuit in March 2023,” he said.

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Central Lombok Deputy Regent, HM Nursiah, appreciated the community’s support for the Sangka Warige procession to determine the 2023 Bau Nyale festival. “The peak of Bau Nyale has been set to February 10-11,” he said.

Apart from the tradition of catching sea worms, the Bau Nyale festival will feature Lombok art and culture, such as the performance of the traditional dance of Paresean, the reciting of an old script called Pepaosan, and the election of Princess Mandalika.

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