Lombok to Host 24 cruise ships in 2017

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According to NTB Tourism Department head, Lalu Mohammad Faizal, at least 24 cruise ships are scheduled to visit Lombok in 2017.

The cruises, largely originating from Singapore, Australia and Europe, generally carry between 1,000 to 5,000 passengers, which could potentially boost the number of foreign tourist arrivals by around 50,000 visitors this year, he told reporters.

A number of international cruise liners have already visited Lombok on 16 April carrying around 1,260 passengers. This cruise will visit Lombok again onJune 2 and 9 July.

#Lombok is often part of the itinerary for cruises through the Indonesian archipelago, which usually also visit Bali and Komodo Island.

Popular destinations for the cruise ship passenger are Sekotong and the southwestern islands close to Lembar Harbour, Mataram City for shopping, Senggigi for sight-seeing and restaurants, Kuta and the south coast beaches, and day tours to the temples and historic sites around Lingsar and Narmada.

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