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Land Banking Opportunities in Indonesia


Artfully uniting extraordinary land with extraordinary design


Send us your enquiry and one of our Senior Managers will help schedule a phone call for a time that suits you. We promise 100% transparency and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the plots and properties, the various foreign ownership models, or even the country in general.


With a potential plot identified, we’ll fly you to Indonesia so you can experience the landscapes for yourself and better appreciate what it is like to own realty in a place where nature provides a plethora of possibilities and the only limit is your imagination.


With operational offices in both Indonesia and Hong Kong, we are able to provide a secure PMA system protected by Commonwealth regulations – the ideal way to invest in a country undergoing fast economic growth, while avoiding the problematic “local nominee” ownership model.

Secure Foreign Ownership Without a Local Nominee

With operational headquarters in Lombok, administrative offices in Hong Kong, and a sales branch in Australia, we are able to provide international clients prime investment opportunities in Indonesia through a regulated entity and without the need for a local nominee. Transparency you can trust.

our client testimonials

Jack Brown

Lombok is unbelievably beautiful, and we’re very excited about being part of this journey. It’s been awesome working with the guys at Invest Islands.

Johan Nylander

Author of “The Epic Split – Why ‘Made in China’ is going out of style”