Investment Target Realization in NTB Quarter III-2020

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Special Economic Zone, Kuta Mandalika

Mataram – Even though the world is being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, investment activities will not automatically stop. In NTB Province, the realization of domestic and foreign investment in the third quarter, January to September 2020, showed positive figures. In fact, the target of achieving it exceeds the National investment target set by the BKPM RI of IDR 6.5 trillion.

“The investment realization in NTB Province up to the third quarter reached a figure of more than Rp9.2 trillion. This investment realization has even exceeded the investment target set by the BKPM RI, which is IDR 6.5 trillion, ”said Head of the NTB Province Investment and One Stop Services (DPMPTSP), Ir H Mohamad Rum, MT, Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

“Government Gone All Out In Luring Investment To Indonesia In 2020”

Based on data from DPMPTSP NTB, the actual distribution of investment in NTB is in the city of Mataram for domestic investment and foreign investment totaling more than Rp.417 billion, North Lombok more than Rp205 billion, West Lombok reaching a total of more than Rp. IDR 365 billion more, East Lombok IDR 2.5 trillion, West Sumbawa IDR 2 trillion more, Sumbawa Regency IDR 289 billion, Dompu more IDR 1.7 trillion, Bima Regency IDR 105 billion, and Bima City has no domestic investment, only foreign investment of Rp. 195 billion.

The investment realization of Rp. 9.2 trillion, said M Rum, will continue to increase until the end of the year. Moreover, according to him, the investment value that entered the Mandalika SEZ area through ITDC and from Angkasa Pura had not been included and was counted in the investment calculation data for this year.

“So I am optimistic, the investment target set in the RPJMD of Rp. 11.3 trillion will be met,” he said.

He said the delay in the entry of investment reports from ITDC and Angkasa Pura was due to the fact that DPMPTSP’s request had not been responded to by these two institutions to submit their investment reports to DPMPTSP.

“We hope that the reports on the realization of investment from these two institutions can be submitted in the fourth quarter, so that the investment target set in the RPJMD will be exceeded,” he said.

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