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Artfully uniting

Extraordinary land

with extraordinary design

The design for the Torok Villas is a post-modern take on traditional Indonesian architecture, bringing the best elements of Lombok Island tradition into the 21st century.

By adapting various features found in some of the many regional styles of building, our partners Inspiral have cultivated new ideas in ways that pay homage to the past and at the same time look to future ecological innovation.

The aims were to develop a new experience for a high-end residence with timeless design and to be an iconic, desirable destination recognised from around the world.

The villas create the feeling of space, freedom and co-existence with the surrounding environment and support the various lifestyle aspects of the occupant within a holistic make up, whilst integrating eco- friendly and sustainable features.

We encourage investment in eco-friendly luxury villas with an open and contemporary design. Our collaboration with renowned architects allows you to own a stylish villa with an ecological and modern design. There are a wide range of features to choose from, ranging from wooden patios to infinity pools and much more.

Working with the best construction partners in the region will allow you to own your customized villa ensuring the end result is up to your specification, with a core of superior quality and style.

To enquire about the villas, feel free to send us a message and we will get in touch shortly.

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