Timeless design

Exquisite aesthetics

Making the lifestyle of tomorrow available today

These luxury properties are in the style of the 1920s’ La residenza movement and appeal to discerning clients who enjoy European designs customised and adapted for a tropical climate.

The open-plan lay out uses intelligent design to ensure the interior remains fresh and airy all year round. When built on our plots on Torok Hill, the property can boast rare dual viewpoints of both sunrise and sunset.

The villas come in two- and three-bedroom units, each with a beautiful 22-metre infinity pool and sun deck – perfect for families and groups of friends.

The La residenza villas manipulate open space to provide panoramic views that immediately elevate the property into a prime luxury lifestyle option.

Luxury means different things to different people, but when it comes to design, it is all part of the creative process. Our La residenza villas aim to smash previous perceptions of luxury by demonstrating that it does not always have to cost the Earth. Not only that, it is achievable without buying into the exploitative psychology and extravagance of modern living. We work with you to explore what your personal definition of luxury is and not only how we can achieve it, but how we can both be part of the movement to maximise the use of local materials and build with an attitude anchored in innovation.