Kamala Villa | Invest Islands



Designed exclusively for Invest Islands and envisioned by the renowned Inspiral Architecture Design Studio, Inspiral is a unique project that brings together traditional Indonesian designs with modern-day architecture. These exotic villas exceed the boundaries of what can be achieved with sustainable design. Constructed with natural materials including bamboo, limestone, and volcanic stones, the villas are built by, inspired by and embrace nature. Featuring iconic shapes and mesmerizing contours, the villas emerge themselves into the land they sit, with a style that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Elegantly put together, the interior of each villa does not disappoint. Relaxation and luxury come together to create a serene atmosphere. Large windows blended into precise curvatures allow the outside to seep in and enhance the senses.

Contrasts of amber wood and white furniture create a sense of luxury through this unique design. Expertly crafted wooden panels blend the interior walls together with the canopy roof, amplifying the feeling of more space. Arched windows extend the views overlooking the pool and beyond.

Main Features

The main features of these villas demonstrate that eco-design does not compromise on quality or luxury. The exterior of each villa is visually stunning, with a unique curved, canopy-style roof and floor-to-celling glass windows, that elegantly enclose the villa but create a large entry point. An inviting infinity pool sits atop a cascading waterfall to create a relaxing feeling in a tropical setting. Opposite ends of the recycled decking feature a shaded canopy and sun loungers. The interior fuses Indonesian styles and traditions, with a luxury-modern design, creating warmth, comfort, and serenity.

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