The pinnacle of luxury, Borealis villas intertwine stunning 21st century architecture with nature to create an experience like no other. Nestled seamlessly into the landscapes of Lombok, the unique open plan design of each villa allows a fully immersive experience with the beauty that surrounds. The minimalistic style and linear contours enhance the panoramic views of luscious forests, fields, and nature that bring a tropical feeling from the outside, in. A choice of 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom villas await those who want to experience serenity in the heart of paradise, without sacrificing comfort or luxury.

The Borealis design features different structural levels that encourage the natural surrounding views and allows the villas to blend perfectly into the inclines of the surrounding environment. Even the sundeck and infinity pools have been expertly contoured into the landscape and design to prevent any obstructions of the tropical paradise at the very heart of each villa. This tropical setting seamlessly flows throughout the modern interior thanks to the open air design.

1 Bed 1 Storey

This 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom villa is set on 1 story and features its own infinity pool, sun deck, garden, and panoramic views of the island. Set on the hillside, the villa has an open air design that allows for exceptional views and a connection with the nature outside. Integrating modern architecture with comfort and minimalism, each villa is complete with a homely interior, sun shades, and a surrounding garden.

2 Bed 2 Storey

For more space, this 2-bedroom, 2-story villa includes an upper-deck balcony to enhance the surrounding views, a sunken pool seating area, and a dining area with unbeatable views. Each level of the villa flows into itself with white cobblestone walls, floor to ceiling glass doors, and expertly crafted, vertical wooden beam features, giving a luxury experience without compromising the landscape.

3 Bed 3 Storey

Ideal for families, this 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom villa is a 3-story masterpiece in modern architecture that embraces the surrounding tropics its set in. Including all the stunning aspects of the other villas, this design adds a unique jacuzzi overlooking the landscapes, a larger infinity pool, and en-suite bathrooms. A tranquil home for a minimalistic lifestyle.