Perfect Harmony

Open Plan Panoramas

Clean energy efficiency

Our Aurora villas have been deliberately designed to suit a multitude of topographical conditions. Constructed by Lombok’s best craftsmen and utilising local materials, the villas are particularly efficient in terms of energy, using passive cooling techniques and clean energy elements to create a responsive architectural design that is in harmony with both the surrounding environment and the local climate.

Taking a modular approach, the villa designs have been streamlined at source and provide efficiency of scale in the custom-built elements. This cost saving is passed on to our clients and is immediately evident in the price.

Framing all of this, is the shared desire to create aesthetically compelling designs that have a strong identity. We use warm-toned natural materials to create a villa in the pure modernism style that sits comfortably amid its tropical atmosphere, embracing the lush foliage, tranquility, and clear skies of Lombok.

Our Aurora villas integrate modern architecture with luxurious yet homely interior design. The structure is designed open to maximise the panoramas of the local surroundings while still providing shade via overhangs and vertical sunshades. The interior elements flow from the architectural language, blending the tropical modern style shamelessly into the villa itself.

We custom build all interior cabinets using only the best local craftsmen and a select few well-chosen materials. Repeat details throughout the villa provide a customised feel, while its minimalist ethos produces harmony and balance.

Under the guidance of the architect and design team, we have selected a range of furniture, all of which have a crisp, modern aesthetic in tune with the villa itself.