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Open views

Harmony & balance

Aesthetically compelling

The Aozora villa designs would need to work efficiently in multiple topographical conditions, use local materials and the best of Lombok craftsmen. The villas are designed to be very energy efficient, using passive cooling techniques to create responsive environmental architecture perfectly in tune with the local climate.

We took a modular approach to the villas, streamlining sourcing and giving us efficiency of scale in the custom built elements. We are able to pass the cost saving on to the clients, which is reflected in the price points.

Framing all of this, is the shared desire to create aesthetically compelling designs, which have a strong identity, using warm toned natural materials to create a pure modern villa with a warm tropical atmosphere, embracing the lush tropical landscape and clear blue skies of Lombok.

The Aozora villas integrate the interior design with the Architecture. The structure is designed to be open and views maximized whilst providing shade via overhangs and vertical sunshades. The interior design elements flow from the Architectural language, blending the tropical modern style shamelessly into the villa itself.

We custom design and build all the interior cabinets using the best local craftsmen, using repeat details throughout the villa we can ensure maximum efficiency whilst keeping the minimalist ethos of harmony and balance through a few well chosen materials.

We have selected a range of furniture under the guidance of the Architect and design team, all have a modern and crisp aesthetic in tune with the villa itself. 

To enquire about the villas, feel free to send us a message and we will get in touch shortly.

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