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Invest Islands works hand-in-hand with a wide range of end-users to create luxury developments, be it a lavish Lombok villa or a special second home on Sumba. Our trusted expertise in the industry makes construction simple and hassle-free. In property design and development, we must always take into consideration the land we are working on, and whether our creation is sustainable and aesthetically suitable for the setting. That is why all of our villas in Lombok and Sumba are designed to be practical, resourceful and sustainable, while remaining limitless in possibility and scope.

Our architectural partner’s designs are about maximising the potential from the budgets we are working with, and how we can work efficiently and realistically, whilst scrutinising our integrity every step of the way. By doing so, we shape classic villas in Lombok and Sumba that are built to last in their surrounding environments. Not only that, the design is such that they blend in seamlessly. We work with nature to incorporate the surrounding scenery and create places that redefine our relationship with space and how we use it. We believe anything is possible when designing homes created both for modern living and for our evolving planet.

Timeless design, Exquisite Aesthetics – Lifestyles of Tomorrow

Our La Residenza villas are in the style of the Bauhaus movement in the 1920s and beyond and will appeal to the discerning client who enjoys European designs adapted to the tropical Indonesian climate. With an open-plan lay out that offers intelligent use of design, these villas play with open space. Combined with one of our premium sea-view land plots, they can provide panoramic sunrise and sunset views, creating that luxury Lombok villa or Sumba villa lifestyle.

For us, luxury is an essential element of the creative process. In the context of our villas in Lombok and Sumba, we aim to crush misconceptions and demonstrate that real luxury need not cost the earth. Neither does it require you to contribute to the destruction of our natural world. We work together to explore now only what luxury means to you, but also how we can realise it while being part of the sustainability movement. We look to make the most out of the materials we have, enabling us to build guilt-free with an attitude that is anchored in thinking outside of the box.

Pure Modernism

Our Aurora Lombok villa designs may have been designed with Lombok in mind, but they work efficiently in multiple topographical conditions. Using local materials and the best local craftsmen, the structure is designed to offer wide-angled views from every window whilst still providing shade via overhangs and vertical sunshades. The open interior design elements flow from the architectural language, blending the tropical modern style shamelessly into the villa itself.

We encourage investment in eco-friendly luxury villas with an open and contemporary design. Our collaboration with renowned architects allows you to own a stylish villa in Lombok with an ecological and modern design. There are a wide range of features to choose from, ranging from wooden patios to infinity pools and much more. Working with the best construction partners in the region will allow you to not only build your own customised luxury Lombok villa, but also ensure the end result meets your exact specification.

Artfully uniting paradise plots with virtuoso villa designs

The design for our Inspiral eco-luxury villas is a post-modern take on traditional Indonesian architecture, bringing the best elements of tradition into the 21st century. These villas create the feeling of space, freedom and co-existence with the surrounding Lombok environment and support the various lifestyle aspects of the occupant within a holistic make up, whilst integrating eco-friendly and sustainable features.

Our philosophy is about living the right way, and about putting our wellbeing at the heart of matters to make the most of our surroundings. Another major focus is on sustainable energy, utilising solar technologies, recycled or sustainably sourced materials, and ventilation systems that lend themselves to the climates we work within. We try to integrate and use bio-sanitation and recyclable waste water in our Lombok villas. As green technologies emerge, we are committed to keeping up-to-date as part of our long term plan to creating lasting solutions to sustainable design.

Be it a Lombok villa or a luxury tented suite in Sumba, the islands provide a blank canvas upon which to test these sustainability ideals. Together we can create harmonious properties that blend beautifully with surrounding nature.

Customised, Crafted, Luxury Glamping

Our Kayma tented suites offer a lower entry point into the property market in Lombok. All our tents are fitted out with bespoke in-built elements to maximise the comfort and luxury of the experience. Each unit comes with its own extensive wooden deck, surrounded by lush greenery, the deck offers privacy and immersion in nature. Each tent also has its own private pool, carefully positioned as part of our master planning to maximise the views.


The 14-hectare ‘Gran Melia Lombok’ broke ground last month in South Lombok and is being constructed with the help of Bali-based heavyweights Tunas Jaya Sanur (TJS). Set for completion in early 2024, it is a high-end luxury destination featuring sustainable design and locally sourced materials, it will comprise of 22 duplex bamboo villas on the beachfront and more than 80 one-, two- and three-bedroom villas located on a stepped hillside with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and private swimming pools.

The objective of Mandala Eco-Village is to create an ecologically conscious, sustainable community that values the planet as much as its people. Bringing together citizens from around the world, the site is located on the southern coast of Lombok. A naturally beautiful island that bathes in year-round sunshine and provides a utopian escape from the rat race of big city living.

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