Gran Melia Lombok

Situated on the hillside in Torok Bay, South Lombok, the Gran Meliá Lombok Resort & Spa will likely set new travel and hospitality standards on the island, where luxury meets eco-sensitive resort concepts. 

Gran Meliá Lombok is a high-end luxury destination comprising of 22 duplex beachside villas and more than 100 private one-, two- and three-bedroom structures located on the nearby stepped hillside. 

Featuring sustainable designs and locally sourced materials, every accommodation has its own private infinity pool and utilises natural elements that represent the essence of Lombok. The award winning project is set for completion in early 2025.


The Mandala

Mandala Eco-Village in Indonesia is an inspirational model of sustainable and intentional community living that values sustainable living over consumerism. 

A sprawling, sun-kissed coastal estate that merges modern technology and expert knowledge together with clean energy solutions and island traditions, Mandala
promises to play its part in building a better future for both the planet and its population.

An eco-village is an intentional community committed to becoming more sustainable. In practice, this means that resource inputs for the necessities of living come from local sources and are largely derived directly from nature in a way that allows nature to perpetually replenish itself and continually supply the needed materials.


Off-Plan Design

Anybody can invest in land, but not all land is worth investing in. We provide clients the chance to invest in premium plots in prime locations, as well as the opportunity to co-create the design blueprint. 

Consider this advice in terms of land-banking: you could buy an empty plot of the land tomorrow, ignore it for few years and when you return to it, its size and shape will not have changed. 

Yet its value almost certainly will have. As the global population continues to grow, the amount of available land is going to continue diminishing. 

Demand will outnumber supply and the value of your investment will rise. Close your eyes and imagine your future. 


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