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Invest Islands has a specific type of license called a PMA (Foreign Investment Company), which allows us to trade land and property anywhere in Indonesia, for and on behalf of foreign investors. The PMA License is obtained through the BKPM (National Investment Coordinating Board of Indonesia).

  • The legal framework of ownership with a PMA
  • Investment options and capital appreciation
  • Economic growth of Indonesia
  • Current land and development options
  • Our customized services from beginning to end
  • Why our land is the best investment for your money
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Invest Islands also has a corporate infrastructure based in Hong Kong which allows investors to tap into the high returns of the Indonesian market with the added security of a Hong Kong regulated business model.

Lombok Island is now the fastest growing tourism destination in South-East Asia firstly due to the airport expansion which has seen arrivals jump from 17,000 to 2 million in just 5 years between 2012-2017. Secondly, as a result of the 3 billion USD government backed “Mandalika” tourism resort project which includes the development of 5-star hotels such as Paramount, Pullman, Club Med and Royal Tulip, with the Novotel already up and running. Furthermore, there is also a MotoGP race track being constructed on the island.

15-20% per annum

Competitive average Capital Appreciation

30,000 USD

Entry level


Investment opportunities







Discover some of the personal benefits of investing in Lombok Island, Indonesia with the security of the Hong Kong (commonwealth) investment regulations


Send us your inquiry, and schedule a phone call with one of our Senior Managers at a time suitable to you


Embark on a journey with us and we’ll take you to visit the land of your dreams, and taste the feeling of having your property in a heavenly setting


Finalise your property ownership both in Hong Kong and in Indonesia and enjoy the benefits of being part of the Invest Islands retreat club

artfully uniting extraordinary land with extraordinary design

Anyone can invest in land, but not everyone can offer you a chance to invest in something where you get to co-create the design blueprint of your own future property and land investment. Our design team, specialising in unique and innovative sustainable architecture solutions, will guide you every step of the way in the process of making your vision become a reality.



Aurora - Pure Modernism

Inspiral - Eco-luxury Villas

Kayma - Tented Suites

La Residenza - Contemporary Residences


Kevin Deisser


As another year ends, it’s important to look back before we look forward. The pandemic made 2020 a very challenging year for everyone and Invest Islands was no different. Client visits were rendered all but impossible and the global economic instability prompted austerity from even some of the most ambitious investors. Yet it is against that backdrop that our team stepped up and showed their innovation.

Drone tours, Zoom meetings, payment plans, plot promotions and much more resulted in 2020 being one of the most successful years yet for Invest Islands. We once again expanded our portfolio and exceeded our yearly sales targets, tripled our staff numbers, and even secured a major hospitality firm to manage our upcoming five-star resort in Torok Hill.

Our Foundation also multiplied its eco and social projects through the construction of a primary school in South Lombok, delivering hundreds of meals and aid-packages to vulnerable communities, opening an organic farm, and strengthening our recycling project, which has to date resulted in the collection of more than 13,000kg of plastic waste from Indonesian beaches.

This coming year will feature ups and downs once more, but if there is one thing 2020 has taught me about Invest Islands, it is that we are ready to embrace, endure and evolve through whatever life throws at us.


Jack Brown


At the start of 2020, optimism was brimming at Invest Islands. We were preparing to open new headquarters in Lombok, the overall outlook for investment in the region had never looked so rosy, several new additions to our team were settling in, and our first luxury villa was nearing completion. Then COVID struck.

Fortunately, staff professionalism and client loyalty meant that while, like everyone, we were undoubtedly affected by the pandemic, we were also able to meet all our objectives, financial and otherwise. Our Lombok HQ opened in Q1, our first luxury villa was completed in Q4, staff numbers rose 300 per cent, and we exceeded our sales targets. Our Torok Hill Resort was even named ‘Best Hospitality Development’ at the Property Guru Awards Asia.

For sure, 2021 will see further growth. We have already secured premises for a new Australian office in Perth that will be ready for a national product launch later in the year, construction at our South Lombok resort is set to ramp up, and the inaugural MotoGP at Mandalika is expected to take place in the second half of the year, bringing the world’s spotlight to our island like never before.

The next 12 months will hopefully not be as traumatic as the past, but I am convinced they are going to be busier than ever. With more customers and prospects engaging with us than ever before, Lombok is proving to be an extremely robust and buoyant market — testament to its outstanding naturally beauty and growing economy. We can’t wait to get going once more. Roll on 2021.


our client testimonials

Jack Brown

Lombok is unbelievably beautiful, and we’re very excited about being part of this journey. It’s been awesome working with the guys at Invest Islands.

Johan Nylander

Author of “The Epic Split – Why ‘Made in China’ is going out of style”


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