Indonesia’s accessibility as major focus in order to boost tourism

Indonesia’s accessibility as major focus in order to boost tourism

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guest article

Tourism Ministry Arief Yahya has stressed the importance of better Indonesia’s accessibility to the most famous tourist destinations while also highlighting the remaining A-factors in tourism, namely attractions and amenities.

“The secret for boosting Tourism revenue and increase a worldwide interest on the country is Indonesia’s accessibility to tourism infrastructure” he said on the sidelines of the Tourism Ministry National Meeting in Jakarta on Wednesday.

“Attractions? We do not need to worry [about that] because Indonesia is rich in both natural and cultural attractions, and is always in the world’s top 20. Amenities? There are many investors investing their money, as long as the accessibility is there.”

Accessibility is one of the top traveling criteria for tourists, Arief said, adding that most travelers prefer direct flights as opposed to having to transit.

“At least 60 percent of tourists look for direct flights. If we want our destinations to become world-class destination, we must have international airports [at essential locations] he said.

He added that many beautiful tourist destinations in Indonesia were difficult to access, citing Tanjung Lesung Beach in Banten as an example. The fastest way to reach the area is by a five-to seven-hour drive from Jakarta.

Indonesia aims to welcome 17 million foreign tours this year and 20 million tourists in 2019. Arief expressed his optimism that the target could be reached even after a string of earthquakes in August struck Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara, a major tourist destination.

The Asian Games, Asian Para Games and the IMF-World Bank meetings are expected to attract more visitors, he added.



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