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Indonesia offers ease of Business in tourism sector

Indonesian tourism business | The Indonesian Government provided a guarantee in the ease of business for the investors who plant their assets in special economic zones, such as the Mandalika Zone.

Ideally, according to Arief, a tourist location should only be managed by one authority. He viewed that is would slash the bureaucracy process and affect the process of managing a tourist location.

#Indonesia Offers Ease of Business in Tourism Sector:

“The ease [of business] will be for the ones in the economic zones,” Arief said on Thursday, May 25.

The government will also attempt to fix the management system in tourism areas. This is corroborated by the fact that, in a number of cases, investments are not able to enter a location because of overlapping regulations which are a direct result of mismanagements.

In the Indonesian tourism business, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya explained that the government plans to restore a number of infrastructures such as the airports, the network of highways that lead to the tourist spots, and other public facilities.

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