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Indonesia tourism growth is staggering

Indonesia has been a world favourite holiday destination for decades, with tourists from Australia and Southeast asia mainly flocking to the resort island of Bali. With a string of government campaigns, the industry is expected to diversify quicly in the coming years.

Already the benefits of these changes can be seen, with foreign visits to Indonesia growing 19.34% in the first quarter of the year compared to the same period a year earlier. Meanwhile, Thailand,  with which Indonesia has always competed for tourists, grew just 6.97%

Indonesia’s Tourism – Major Trends To Watch For

– The rise of Indian tourists in Indonesia:

Indonesia doesn’t boast just exquisite sceneries, but also diverse, rich cultures across the archipelago which are beginning to draw tourists looking for an experience – not just a beach holiday. Cultural tourism is growing to become a major interest of local tourists as well as foreign visitors. An influx of Indian tourists to Indonesia follows a new visa on arrival regulation.

– Event tourism helps boost the number of foreign tourists:

A Ministry of Tourism initiative to hold regular tourism events, with a focus on marketing and promotions, has also helped to boost the rates of foreign tourists.

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