The Indonesia MotoGP circuit 2021 in Lombok will attract 100,000 foreign tourists

The Indonesia MotoGP circuit in Lombok will attract 100,000 foreign tourists

guest article

guest article

The Indonesia MotoGP circuit in Lombok will attract 100,000 foreign tourists

Indonesia Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya strongly supports the hosting of MotoGP race in Indonesia. He said the hosting of the event in the newly-built Vinci MotoGP circuit in Lombok could attract at least 100,000 foreign tourists.

“With all the tourist spending in Indonesia during the five-day [MotoGP] event, the direct profits could reach IDR1 trillion,” he said in a meeting between the government, circuit manager, and strategic partner at the office of the Presidential Chief of Staff on Wednesday (04/18).


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Meanwhile, the indirect impact can double the profit figure above, as the MotoGP series will be broadcasted live through 60 television stations to 200 countries in the world. The indirect profit is around IDR2 trillion.

Indonesia Minister of Public Works and People’s Housing Basoeki Hadimoeljono also expressed his support for the construction of infrastructure to support the circuit site.

“This is purely a private sector project, but we are ready to support in terms of infrastructure, such as roads, parking lots, and so on across the entire Lombok Island,” Basoeki said.

The meeting at the President’s Chief of Staff office was a follow up on a visit by Indonesia President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo to the Sentul International Circuit on March 6, 2018, and the previous meeting between Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko, Tinton and Ananda Mikola on March 19, 2018.

In addition, Ananda Mikola said that MotoGP was a popular automotive sport among all elements of Indonesian society.

On September 28, 1997, Sentul Circuit was the single Indonesia MotoGP circuit that held a championship event. There was Valentino Rossi racing in the 125 cc class for Aprilia, while the 250cc class was won by Max Biaggi from Honda. The podium of prestigious 500 cc was won by the Honda trio Tadayuki Okada (Japan), Mick Doohan (Australia), and Alex Criville (Spain).

“At that time, the Indonesia MotoGP could not be continued due to the economic crisis. It will really be a dream come true if MotoGP can be held again here, “said Tinton.

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