Indonesia makes Lonely Planet’s 2019 top-10 countries to visit

Indonesia makes Lonely Planet’s 2019 top-10 countries to visit

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guest article

Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago, has been placed seventh in the Lonely Planet’s 2019 top-10 countries, highlighting the island-nation as a diverse destination.

Lonely Planet, a BBC Worldwide-owned travel guide, published its Best in Travel 2019 book, with destination lists that include among others “Top Countries” that are tapped as the top vacation spots to visit next year.

Indonesia, the only Southeast Asian country on the list, made it to seventh place and is described as rich in diversity that spans right across the nation, noting new eco-resorts offering orangutan encounters in Sumatra and tribal traditions in Papua.

More than 17,000 islands make up the medley of cultures, cuisines and religions across the archipelago, offering a kaleidoscope of experience,” so the travel guide describes Indonesia.

The Lonely Planet’s 2019 top-10 countries further highlighted that much of the country remains safe for visitors, despite recent earthquakes in some areas and the ongoing recovery process, explaining that Indonesia is located on the volcano-lined Pacific Ring of Fire.

The archipelago is also easier than ever to explore, following substantial investment in new air, land and sea connections. Moreover, with a recent immigration policy, the tropical country now also welcomes nationals of 169 countries visa-free.

Sri Lanka topped Lonely Planet’s country list, with the travel guide noting it as a nation with much to discover, as previously off-limit locations have become more accessible.

“Already notable to intrepid travelers for its mix of religions and cultures, its timeless temples, its rich and accessible wildlife, its growing surf scene and its people who defy all odds by their welcome and friendliness after decades of civil conflict, this is a country revived,” the statement said of its number-one country destination for 2019.

Germany and Zimbabwe round up the top three, followed consecutively by Panama, Kyrgyzstan and Jordan.

Meanwhile, completing the Lonely Planet’s 2019 top-10 countries list after Indonesia are Belarus, São Tomé & Príncipe and Belize.



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