Indonesia is World’s Most Relaxed Country

guest article

guest article

British travel agent conducted a piece of research titled “Most Relaxed Countries in The World” and has awarded the top spot to Indonesia.

In the research, the word “most relaxed” does not mean “lazy“. Rather, it refers to destinations being the best vacation spot for relaxation in the world.

The research conducted by Lastminute analysed various factors, ranging from citizens’ personal rights, noise and light pollution, climate, number of days off, and the number of spas in the country.

Here are the top five countries included in Lastminute’s most relaxed countries in the world:

  1. Indonesia

This largest archipelagic country in the world has the largest coastline and an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, making Indonesia the most suitable destination for foreign travellers to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Moreover, Indonesia has various facilities ready to pamper foreign tourists.

Lastminute also noted that Indonesia has more than 186 green spaces, an average of 30 holidays per year, 66 spas in each area, and health retreats that are easy to find.

  1. Australia

Indonesia’s neighbouring country, Australia, is also one of the relaxing tourist destinations.

Last-minute noted that Australia has 30 days of annual leave, has 40,000 km of coastline, and 187 green spaces spread across the land of kangaroos.

  1. Iceland

Iceland is in third place with an average temperature of 1.75 degrees Celsius.  Even so, the Land of Fire and Ice is one of the best countries to enjoy the Northern Lights.

From other perspectives, such as security, Iceland is also no doubt comfortable for tourists.

  1. New Zealand

With regional conditions similar to Australia, New Zealand also offers various tourist attractions that are worthy to be enjoyed by foreign tourists, especially since this country is one of the best destinations for surfers and marine tourism.

  1. Sri Lanka

The country of Sri Lanka is considered to be a developing country in Asia with the character of warm weather that are sought after by foreign travellers.

In addition to its tropical natural beauty, Sri Lanka also has a coastline too irresistible to miss.

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Article Source : Indonesia is World’s Most Relaxed Country – Indonesia Expat

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