Focus on high quality Asian equities

Fundamentally, earning expectations are being revides upwards, with strong double-digit growth rates in countries such as China, South Korea, India and Indonesia.

Asia is still an engine for global growth: In a world where growth remains at subdued levels and some markets are even experiencing no growth or contractions, Asia remains one of the main driver for global economic expansion.

Asia remaining a key growth driver in the world throughout this year.

“We intend to focus on owning the higher-quality stocks in the Asian region whose underlying business would be long-term winners in their respective industries. Firms with high barriers to entry, a strong balance sheet and decent corporate governance track record are more likely to perform in a scenario where the Asian and global economic outlooks remain challenging in the medium term. We continue to focus on bottom-up-generated ideas, looking for firms with sound management and a good potential to outperform.”

Indonesia economic growth for 2017-2018 looks stunning

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