900 Delegations to Gather in Global Geopark Rinjani, Lombok

guest article

guest article

Global Geopark Rinjani (GGR) will host the 6th Asia Pacific Geopark Network Symposium in September 2019. Located in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, the event is estimated to be attended 900 delegations from the world’s geopark.

According to GGR General Manager, Chairul Mahsul, one of the events will be the field trip to four tourism routes. “The field trip is scheduled on September 5, 2019,” said Chairul in Mataram, Wednesday, December 26.

The first route is the underwater ancient volcano in Kuta Mandalika and its vicinity. The participants will also visit Sade village. The second route is geodiversity central of Aik Berik and the cultural diversity of Narmada Park.

The third route is the ancient caldera of Sembalun in Rinjani valley, while in the fourth route, participants will visit the formation traces of Batu Bolong Lombok Island, the locations impacted by the latest earthquake, Sindang Gila and Tiu Kelep waterfalls, and a traditional village of Bayan, as well as the ancient mosque, Wetu Telu traditional mosque.

UNESCO Executive Board in Paris, France on April 12, 2018, officially recognized Mount Rinjani as Global Geopark Rinjani which the areas spread to five regencies/cities, namely North Lombok, East Lombok, Central Lombok, West Lombok, and Mataram City. The GGR span a total of 3,065 square kilometers and has 22 geological sites, 8 biological sites, and 17 cultural sites.


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