Gili Trawangan Harbour to get a full restyling ahead of the IMF-WB meeting

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guest article

The central government will provide the Ministry of Transport a budget of Rp 10 billion for the construction of a new dock for the Gili Trawangan harbour.

The existing dock an the island has been repaired many times over the years but is inadequate to cope with the seasonal fides and the number of boats docking on the island Most boats now dock directly on the beach In front of the area called ‘the harbour’, creating a crowded and dangerous situation for passengers boarding and disembarking on the beachfront.

The proposal to build a new pier at Gili T has been awaiting action from the Ministry since 2015. However, the approved budget Is a far cry from Rp 80 billion proposal put forward by the House of Representatives in 2017.

The green light for the construction was finally over when the Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi, visited Gili Trawangan an 22 March. The visit by the Minister was in order to check preparat ons on Gili Trawangan as one of the locations that will be visited by participants of IMF- World Bank Annual Meeting In Ball next October.

“The IMF event is in Bali, but there is an agenda to visit Gili Trawangan as well. Seeing the dock’s poor condition, the Minister is not comfortable, which is why we will be given a budget of Rp 10 billion specifically to build a dock,” the Head of the Department of Maritime and Fisheries Transportation KLU, Agus Tisno, told reporters.

Technical planning for the construction is now underway, after which the project will be put to tender.

“The Minister has said the Gili Trawangan harbour should be magnificent, so we will not damage the existing buildings. Rather, we will add on a dock which will span about 100 meters,” Agus said. “Obviously we will budget for finishing treatments later. In the government planning for the rehabilitation of the docks an the three Gilis, Gili Trawangan is the back up if the dock on Gili Air is damaged,” he added.

The construction of the pier must be completed before the IMF- WB event takes place. Therefore, the agency has approximately six months to prepare the Gili Trawangan harbour according to the minister’s instructions.

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