Gili Mas seaport project in West Lombok to become new tourism and service hub

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guest article

State-owned port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III or Pelindo III is currently constructing areas around Gili Mas Seaport which is expected to become a new tourism destination in West Lombok. The areas would be facilitated with the amphitheater, seaside walk, hotel, marina yacht, shopping mall, and others.

According to a spokesman of West Lombok government, Saipul Akhkam, Pelindo III is still building multi-function terminal for yachts and containers. The project budget amounted to Rp1.3 trillion.

The seaport would have a 440×26-meter long dock with the 13-meter depth of the port pool. It could later accommodate one huge cruise or two smaller cruises, while the terminal could occupy 1,500 people. Besides, 200.000 up to 300.000 containers could park in the terminal field. The harbor, in addition, could load 60 yachts.

“New facilities to be built will later support new destination,” said Saipul.

According to Saipul, the seaport construction located in Teluk Waru, Labuan Tereng Lembar Village is projected to be the largest seaport in the eastern region of Indonesia. The land preparation had been 100 percent completed, while the design and construction stage had reached 61 percent completion.

Pelindo III would at least required 50 hectares of land and Rp1.3 trillion for all the facilities construction.

Meanwhile, West Lombok Mayor Fauzan Khalid said the government had drafted the design of road revitalization from Sekotong until Buwun Mas. The road width is planned to be 8 meters in a bid to ease the connectivity of Gili Mas Seaport and KEK Mandalika in Central Lombok.

A marina that would fit up to 60 yachts is well under way too. Saipul is confident the area will have what it takes to become a new tourist destination.

He went on to say that the seaport had been projected to become the largest in eastern Indonesia.

The Gili Mas project is being developed around the Sekotong Area. Sekotong is the next big thing on the traveller radar after years of quietly developing out of the limelight. It is the gateway to the rugged south west peninsular and only a short drive from the main ferry port at Lembar. At its heart is Sekotong Bay, a huge arc of white sandy beaches overlooking a small chain of islands, collective known as the ‘secret Gilis.’ These south west Gili islands are a far cry from their more famous cousins in the north and now attract a small but steady stream of weekend trippers and tourists looking for a real desert island escape.


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