Foreign Residents Can Have an e-KTP in Indonesia

Foreign Residents Can Have an e-KTP in Indonesia

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guest article

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source : Tribunnews

Foreign citizens with Indonesian residency have the right to have an e-KTP, the identity card usually needed to obtain public services such as health services or banking.

However, foreigners possessing an e-KTP do not have political rights such as voting in elections

Director of Population Registration David Yama explained that having an e-KTP is a right for those who have reached the age of 17 years or have been married and it is the government’s obligation to fulfill it.

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“Every Indonesian citizen and foreigner residing in Indonesia must fulfill their right to have an e-KTP for those who meet the requirements,” said Yama as quoted from the Population and Civil Registration Agency (Dukcapil) website of the Home Affairs Ministry on Thursday 10th March 2022.

Foreigners who are entitled to an e-KTP are those who have permanent residence permits (ITAP). The residence permit remains the determinant regarding the validity period of the e-KTP. If the permanent residence permit is valid for a year, the foreigner’s e-KTP will also be valid for a year.

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