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Most frequent questions and answers

Indonesia is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. It has an indescribable beauty, a unique culture, a booming economy, continued political stability and masses of foreign investment pouring in from around the globe, meaning it is the perfect time to jump on board in investment in the territory.

With low entry investment levels, low taxes, global diversification and lifestyle benefits – investing in Indonesia has never been more attractive.

In an emerging market, there are always risks to consider.

  • Broader view: Economic, Political, Religious and Legal matters.
    These risks can be evaluated through third party data and facts from reputable third party sources operating objectively from outside of the investment landscape.
  • Specific: The security that the company you are dealing with can offer you.

At Invest Island, our company directors provide the financial infrastructure to the sum of around USD $750’000.00 to obtain the correct license that enables us to offer products to foreign investors. This is a gamechanger for clients old and new, as it provides an investment model that bypasses the high-risk route of requiring a local nominee to invest in Indonesian property and puts clients in control of their investment through a verifiable entity rather than an individual.

The second security we offer is protection of the capital sum invested by the client. This may not be something we can offer forever however the value of the land right now at US$35-$75 per sqm is so low in comparison to Bali (US$1000 to US$3000 per sqm) however we are confident that land prices will continue to increase, if we factor in outside long-term investment such as $3 billion USD Mandalika project and the expansion of the airport and increase in direct flights.

President Jokowi entered his second term in 2019 and has been in power for almost five years. Jokowi has encouraged and welcomed foreign investment in the country from day one, in a trend that is set to continue.

The government recognises that this is a sure way to boost the economy and as evident in both top-down investment and the resulting rapid growth rate of 5-6% per year, as seen over the last few years.

With continued increases in growth, there is no sign that this will be halting any time soon, and there is national certainty that investment in Lombok’s continued growth and expansion will continue to be a top priority by the country’s leadership, now and in the future. As Lombok becomes a competitive destination to places such as Bali, with its history of successful high-end tourism.

By continued investment in Lombok, and other future luxury destinations we see a commitment to local citizens who will enjoy a better standard of living by having more employment opportunities, in line with the type of continued economic transformations we see. These are the best conditions for foreign investment to take place.

Lombok is Bali’s unspoiled neighbour and is likened to how Bali was 20 years ago before its development and before tourism exploded in the area.

Designated as one of the ‘10 New Bali’s,’ since the development of an international airport in 2011 there has been a 200% increasing in foreign tourists descending in the area, as well as a US$3 Billion investment in the form of the Mandalika project – backed by the Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC). With outstanding untouched scenery and land prices at a fraction of Bali’s, Lombok is set to be the new Asian Tiger economy.

Less than an hour south east of Bali and Lombok lies the spectacular island of Sumba, offering an entirely alternative landscape to its volcanic northern neighbours. Twice the size of Lombok, and with a predominantly flat terrain, the savannahs of Sumba have much to offer explorers looking for something new along the archipelago.

Wild horses, stunning waterfalls, beautiful beaches, world class surf and the traditional architecture of its local population, Sumba has found its place on the map.

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