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Investing in Emerging countries

Emerging markets | Malaysia, Indonesia, India and the Philippines are some of the emerging countries that have significant investments in infrastructure developments.

These countries, which are also growing, offer good prospects for investors. Developing countries have proven successful with ongoing infrastructure developments, making the overall living and business environments more feasible.

Investors are not just looking at economic performance figures such as gross domestic product (GDP) in these emerging markets, but they are also taking the infrastructure development in the cities into consideration as it offers a great potential in terms of investment returns.

Over the next decade, Elliott says the number of UHNWIs (Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals) is expected to climb by an average of 12% in Europe, compared with a forecast of 91% growth in Asia. Overall the number of ultra-wealthy people worldwide is expected to increase by 43% by 2026.

On the places they might be interested in investing their money in, especially those who are looking for second or more properties to invest in overseas, Elliott says they will focus more on the places they visit the most, be it for work or for holiday.

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