Eco-village of clustered ‘Lombok domes’ accumulates along Indonesian coastline

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guest article

Lombok Domes

A remote ‘eco-village’ of rammed earth domes is accumulating alongside the coral coastlines of indonesia’s lombok island. the team behind the lombok domes seeks to introduce to the island a shared housing solution which is built and occupied with respect for the environment. the completed first phase of the village development sees nine domes surrounding a restaurant, pool, and co-working space, with the second phase of nine additional domes underway and to be completed this winter. nestled strategically alongside a hilltop near the town of gerupuk, the village overlooks sweeping panoramic views of the white sand coastlines.

Lombok Domes

Aach dwelling within indonesia’s dome lombok eco-village is built of stacked earthbags finished with natural plaster. these natural and sustainably sourced materials, together with the use of solar panels and recycled greywater system, establishes the growing village as an off-grid, design-minded destination to promote eco-tourism. the team comments on the design-build process: ‘we sure have faced some challenges along the way but we hold true to our principles and we do our best to be as eco friendly as possible. each time we build we learn from the dome that came before. new things about sustainability get discovered all the time, where we can we incorporate these into the existing domes and where we can’t we ensure they will be included in the next designs.’

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Special Economic Zone Kuta Mandalika

The creative team behind dome Lombok partners with puraworka, who seeks to shape work towards an art of living by giving people access to ecosystem services in beautiful coworking destinations around the world. the collaborative team seek to introduce the perfect office in paradise, and will launch the first coworking space in Lombok in the winter of 2020.

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