Indonesia starts obtaining results from digitalisation of tourism

The tourism digitalization policy implemented by Indonesia Tourism Minister Arief Yahya since 2014 has started showing good results for the Indonesian government.

Arief said that many new tourist destinations have received world recognition since the Minister implemented the strategy around digitalisation of tourism, with the slogan of Wonderful Indonesia.

One of the most recent recognition has been given by the international media The Telegraph has crowned Indonesia as one of the top 20 fastest growing travel destination in the world.

“We can beat Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. This year, the number of foreign tourists coming to Indonesia has risen 24 percent, while Thailand its 6.69 percent, Singapore 3.83 percent, and Malaysia only 0.87 percent,” Arief said.

The foreign tourist visits to Indonesia is much higher than the average number of foreign tourist visits to ASEAN tourism region, which only showed a growth of seven percent. Arief said the success of the government in promoting various tourist destinations was related to the concept of digitizing Wonderful Indonesia through social media.

“The first time I became Minister, my program was Go Digital, since there is now a revolution in any industry to digitalization. If you do not join the movement, you will be lagging behind. Data shows that 70 percent of people in the world search and share any activities digitally,” Minister Arief said.

He added that people who actively use social media in Indonesia are very fond of uploading holiday activities and foods they consume, and show it on social media.

“Therefore, my message is that if you want to create tourism branding, then you need to be able to create a trend. I thought about setting 100 digital tourist destinations in Indonesia that are Instagram-friendly. I believe the beauty of the tourist attraction sites distributed in social media will be viral and bring in tourists who are also citizens, “Arief said.

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