Asian Le Mans Series Will Race at Mandalika Circuit in 2023

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Asian Le Mans series
Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit

The existence of tracks that have international grades in Indonesia such as the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok, have the potential to hold many world-level events.

In 2021, the Mandalika Circuit hosted the Asia Talent Cup and World Superbike. Next season, World Superbike and MotoGP will also be hosted at the Mandalika Circuit.

Not only are motorcycle racing events planned, but four-wheeled championships are planned also. Among them, the endurance car racing event, the Asian Le Mans Series.

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The Asian Le Mans Series is expected to be held at the Mandalika Circuit in the very near future. “I want to bring the Asia Le Mans Series to the Mandalika Circuit,” said Ricardo Gelael whilst talking to the media recently.

Kuta Mandalika, Lombok Indonesia

“We have communicated with the organizers and they are interested. Of course the World Superbike race at the Mandalika Circuit yesterday is expected to be a turning point for the revival of Indonesian motorsport,” continued the owner of the Jagonya Ayam team and father of the Indonesian racer, Sean Gelael.

The only foreseeable setback being that the Asian Le Mans Series is expected at the Mandalika Circuit during the 2023 race calendar, at the earliest.

“From our communication with the organizers, the 2022 Asian Le Mans Series has already released its race calendar. So most likely we will be looking towards 2023,” continued Gelael.

According to, the Asian Le Mans Series 2022 will take place over four races, on two tracks. Namely, the Dubai Autodrome Circuit and Yas Marina, each holding two races.

Watch this space.

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